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I'm a professional and graduate living in Cardiff, currently working for Deloitte. My primary role is as a senior business support analyst leading a PMO team assisting risk advisory practitioners with the management of various public sector and third-sector internal audit engagements. Additionally, I help produce internal MI reports for the risk advisory practice; and am involved in Deloitte's LGBT+ network Proud at Deloitte. I am a native English speaker and fluent German speaker. Excel is my jam.

I'm originally from Norfolk and have spent time living in East Anglia, Wales and Germany. I previously worked as a dispensary clerk at a GP surgery, and have volunteered with the Teacher Scientist Network, vInspired, the Green Party and the Liberal Democrats. I have an undergraduate degree in European Studies and German (Aberystwyth, 2012), and an MA in Sociolinguistics (Essex, 2018).

I have a keen interest in game design. I also enjoy writing, gaming, listening to music, cartography and politics. I have campaigned for the Green Party in South Norfolk and Norwich, having been a Liberal Democrat in the past. I have stood as a local election candidate in a number of local elections in South Norfolk and Cereidigion (see electoral history).

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